Marios Coffee Urban Mix

At Marios Coffee we have sourced the very best quality beans from three of the world’s premium coffee growing areas. This 100% Arabica blend from Brazil, Papua New Guinea and India, has a rich flavour with a syrupy body, a creamy intense toffee and cocoa note and a subtle spice finish. Urban Mix is roasted in Fitzroy in small batches by specialty roaster Steve McGinnes, using two Probat roasters.
Steve, a regular visitor to coffee growing regions, has established long-term relationships with many of the coffee producers, which has been invaluable in understanding the complexities of each coffee-producing region and critical to the development of our blend. Steve has an extensive knowledge of the art of roasting and has collaborated closely with Marios to develop the blend that is now being used in Marios Café.

- Brazilian Beans -

Francisco de Mello Palheta introduced coffee into Brazil in 1727 with seeds from Cayenne, French Guiana. Presently the vast majority of coffee farms in Brazil are less than ten hectares in size. However Brazil is still the world's largest coffee producer, supplying around 25% of the world's coffee. These beans are from Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and Parana, which are the largest producing areas due to their ideal growing conditions, comprising moderate sunshine and rain, steady temperatures and rich porous soils. These beans have a clean mild start, a medium acid and syrupy body, with creamy intense toffee and a cocoa finish.

- Papua New Guinean Beans -

The PNG beans are grown at the Sigri Plantation, located in the Wahgi Valley in the Western Highland province of Papua New Guinea. Established in the 1950's, over 5000 feet above sea level, the plantation enjoys a cool climate and bountiful rainfall, making it the ideal environment for growing quality coffee. This bean is full-bodied, with a moderate acidity and broad flavour, described as mellow and aromatically complex.

- Indian Beans -

The Indian Beans are from the Thalanar Coffee Estate, established in 1959. Located on the Anaimalai ranges (“Elephant Hill” in Tamil), this is a high altitude plantation where the Arabica coffee is shade grown, producing a distinct flavour and acidity, due to the slower development of the beans. The bean’s rich flavour is complimented by a medium to full body, with sweet fruit aromatics and a subtle spice finish.


Marios certified Fair Trade Organic Blend comes from 2 of the premium growing areas in the world, Mexico and Ethiopia.
The coffee will have a thick rich body, and delicate winey acidity, with floral aromas and a long finish of cinnamon and blueberry.
The balance and complexity of these coffees create a great espresso and an equally impressive latte with a natural sweetness coming through.


Coffee was introduced into Mexico during the nineteenth century from Jamaica and grows particularly well in the Pacific coastal region of Soconusco, near the Guatemalan border.
These beans have great flavor, medium to high acid, good to high body with hints of sweetness and an almost syrup like mouth feel.


The Birthplace of coffee! Coffees from the Yirgacheffe growing region are the most distinctive in the world characterized by a thick rich body, a winey acidity and an intense floral aroma of cinnamon and strawberries.
This Fair Trade coffee is exported direct from the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative in Ethiopia to Australia, avoiding the need for a middleman at the farm gate. This ensures a sustainable income for the growers. With Fair Trade Coffee, we also pay a premium for which goes back directly to the coops for building schools and clinics.